AI-based early-stage neurological disease quantification software for quantification of early brain atrophy and lesions. CE, UKCA marked and 510(k) cleared.

The evolution in brain MRI analysis 

With an aging population and the escalating burden of neurodegenerative diseases, there’s a growing need for more accurate assessments to detect early changes in the volume of different brain structures, WMH (white matter hyperintensities) load, and location. QP-Brain® is an AI-powered tool that redefines brain MRI analysis by providing quantitative evaluations for enhanced detection and a better understanding of brain atrophy and lesions.  

QP-Brain® automates the quantitative analysis of patients’ brain imaging, consolidating data on brain structure volumes and WMH load/location for aiding diagnostics and follow-up.  It also streamlines and improves the efficiency of radiological reporting by communicating the quantitative analysis of patients’ brains.  

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Structured and quantitative radiology report generation

The tool generates a quantitative report that is sent it directly to PACS, promoting report standardization.

Quantitative analysis

Automatically extracts quantitative information from the MRI exams

AI-based segmentation

Detects brain anatomy for automatically localizing and segmenting brain structures and white matter hyperintensities.

Query/Retrieve images

This AI tool is integrated with your workflow and automatically receives brain images from PACS.

Seamless brain volume quantification and enhanced features

  • Quantitative analysis

    QP-Brain® offers a quantitative analysis of patients’ brain MRI, delivering automatic quantification and display of imaging findings and data, such as the volumes of key intracranial structures and WMH load/location.  

  • Precision in brain volumetry

    Outperforms in assessing central nervous system disorders by measuring absolute and relative volumes of grey and white matter, cerebrospinal fluid, and analyzing 132 distinct brain regions (L/R).  

  • Innovative AI technology

    Our patented AI ensemble excels in WMH detection and segmentation, effectively filtering out physiological hyperintensities like ependymal enhancements.  

  • Democratizing access with standard protocols

    QP-Brain® supports WMH segmentation using a 2D FLAIR input, obviating the need for 3D-T1.

  • Objective reporting

    Confirm visual findings with objective quantitative results. Leverages an extensive normative database.

  • Dynamic workflow

    Outputs are available for viewing in standard hospital PACS environments, appearing as an additional series in a patient folder. No additional workstations or viewing environments are necessary. 


  • GDPR & HIPAA compliant

    Installed on a hospital server behind the firewall, QP-Brain® rendering is anonymized, typically through a secure Cloud environment (AWS, Microsoft Azure).  


Product Advantages 

QP-Brain® delivers objective longitudinal information of visual findings and boasts versatility, requiring only a FLAIR sequence for WMH analysis, optimizing accessibility for community hospitals. 





QP-Brain: redefining the standards of radiological analysis.

Interested on learning more about QP-Brain?

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Interested on learning more about QP-Brain?

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