We are looking for people to transform precision health. Do you want to change healthcare for the better while working at an outstanding company?

Are you seeking to transform precision health?

We’re unique people from different places with a shared passion for transforming the healthcare market and developing life-improving treatments. Communication, proactivity, and innovative thinking are the main tools we value on our collaborative team. Does this sound like the impactful workplace you’re looking for?

Talent Pool

Business Development Manager, UK

Business Development Representative, Italy



Quibim, the place to be

We offer a one-off personalized professional growth plan to reinforce team engagement as well as talent attraction, contributing to making Quibim the best place to work.

How we hire? Maximize your chances when you apply.

  • Applications tips


    • Showcase who you are and the skills and experience you can bring to the role. A great CV should be tailored to the role you are applying for making sure that you highlight your most relevant experience.

    • Your CV should be both easy to read and follow, try to avoid too many acronyms and keep the format simple and clear.


    Cover Letter

    • Your application will really stand out with a strong cover letter.

    • Look to outline your suitability and why this role is right for you at this stage in your career. Use the job description to guide you on the areas you should emphasise.

    • Don’t be afraid to show your personality.


    This is the first impression of you so make it count! Before submitting your application, check for any spelling or grammatical errors.

  • Interview Advice

    • Review the job posting for key responsibilities and accountabilities for the job.

    • Research Quibim (website and social media including Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).

    • Update yourself with respect to developments and challenges our industry faces and ensure that you understand the requirements of the role.

    • Prepare questions. You should have at least 3-4 questions prepared around areas where you want to learn more. Preparing insightful questions demonstrates that you have thought about the role, and is indicative of your understanding of the opportunity.

    • Familiarise yourself with competency-based interviewing: This is based on the principle that past behaviour predicts future behaviour. When you are relating these experiences, the interviewer is looking for a specific situation or task, the actions that you took and the results you obtained. This format, known as STAR, is the basis of all competency-based interviewing.


    STAR is:

    Situation or Task that you encountered

    Actions you took in light of the situation

    Results of your actions

  • Remember to

    • Listen carefully to the question

    • Take a second or two to compose your thoughts before you answer

    • Ask for clarification if you need to – be sure you really understand what the interviewer is asking

    • Speak succinctly and clearly, minimise jargon, eliminate slang

    • Try to phrase your responses in STARs, and keep them brief

    • Try to vary your examples – though it is okay (and sometimes efficient) to use the same example to illustrate different competencies

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