The automated AI tool for MR diagnosis of diffuse liver diseases through accurate quantification of tissue fat and iron levels. CE and UKCA marked.

Optimizing liver disease evaluation and healthcare

With QP-Liver®, personalized liver disease management is made possible through advanced technology, including early detection, precise monitoring, and personalized treatment plans.

QP-Liver is a post-processing solution that performs fully automatic analyses of abdominal MRI examinations containing a multi-echo chemical shift (MECSE) sequence. Through this innovative approach, we generate parametric maps of fat and iron, offering voxelwise resolution and a structured quantitative report that compares liver values with normative data.

Our cutting-edge tool quantifies fat and iron concentration, enabling comprehensive steatosis and iron overload evaluation. By delivering accurate measurements and comparative analysis, as well as improving the quality of radiologist reports, healthcare professionals can improve the decision-making process.


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Chronic liver disease is a major healthcare burden, causing high morbidity and mortality rates and straining medical resources.

It accounts for 2 million deaths, representing approximately 4% of global casualties1. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), the most prevalent liver disorder globally, is characterized by fat accumulation in the liver (steatosis).

Patients with widespread liver disease and metabolic disorders often have abnormal liver iron deposits. While histopathological examination is considered the gold standard, it has limitations such as invasiveness, sampling errors, variability, and patient discomfort.

Our innovative approach eliminates the need for invasive procedures, providing valuable insights for informed decisions and improved patient care.



Advanced tech for improved reporting and workflow.

  • Integration with clinical workflow and PACS, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced efficiency.
  • Supports clinical workflow and improves decision making for Liver MRI exams.
  • Automates MRI-based whole-liver segmentation, saving time and reducing manual labor.
  • Rapid fat and iron quantification provides precise measurements to assess disease severity better.
  • Correlates quantification with digital pathology data4, enabling comprehensive analysis.
  • Reduces the need for invasive procedures, minimizing patient discomfort and associated risks.

MRI-based automated liver segmentation and accurate fat and iron quantification.

Automate whole abdomen and liver segmentation2 with our state-of-the-art tool, saving valuable time for clinicians by eliminating the need for manual segmentation.

PDFF* and iron concentration
Accurately quantify fat and iron in the liver, with the highest correlation to liver biopsy, while controlling all possible confounders.2,3
*Proton Density Fat Fraction (PDFF)

Structured reporting
Empowered by AI, QP-Liver® generates a comprehensive quantitative report that includes the most suitable parameters for enhanced patient care in daily clinical practice.




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Interested on learning more about QP-Liver?

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