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Transforming imaging data into actionable predictions

We design pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to improve patient outcomes.

As value-based care models evolve,
there is a need to give

the right treatment for the right patient  at the right time

From clinical research to personalized care

This is what we do. Healthcare providers, biopharma companies and RWE specialists partner with Quibim to power up the imaging part of their business, accelerating the arrival of precision medicine.

Life Sciences

Our unique multi-scale ways of seeing problems can guide decision-making at every stage in the drug development process. Quibim can reveal a full suite of novel biomarkers from existing and new patient datasets to enhance the power of multi-omics.


As a respected global leader in medical imaging analysis, our best-in-class software medical devices extract objective and highly accurate information versus traditional methods. Quibim uses the latest AI technology to improve patient outcomes and maximize drug programs.

Our Platform

We know real-world data. As your pioneering experts, we have advanced image harmonization techniques that make FAIR data analyzes a reality. Quibim has access to large databases and can analyse any image modality and any tissue from thousands of consecutive patients.


partners futurists experts

Pioneering leaders

Who innovated the industry gold standard process for discovering imaging biomarkers.

Imaging biomarker panels

First company to bring the concept of panel to imaging, helping physicians to predict clinical endpoints and improve patient outcomes.

Top-tier biopharma

The best biopharma partners work with Quibim to maximize drug programs by the application of novel AI technologies.

300+ journal publications

Continually contributing to the generation of evidence with an extensive record of published research.

125+ sites

Work with Quibim globally.

50,000+ cancer patients registry

Leading member and software infrastructure of the biggest cancer imaging RWD registries.

One platform

Tissue-agnostic profiling across multiple indications in oncology, hematology, rheumatology and neuro.

10,000,000+ de-identified research imaging data

To power scientific discovery to improve patient outcomes.

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