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Hospitals, real-world evidence specialists, research institutions and biopharmaceutical companies are sitting on top of science’s most critical resource – validated data – a vast amount of information generated through years of activity and clinical studies. By partnering with us, they can extract valuable unseen insights from available imaging data and their clinical and radiomic information.

Quibim offers a one-stop-shop platform that handles, integrates, stores and processes multi-omics data with imaging at its foundation. It integrates AI-powering solutions and data harmonization tools, generating a standardized image quality that minimizes variability in image quality across equipment manufacturers and acquisition protocols. The all-in-one platform allows drug development programs optimization and patient care enhancement and presents the following features:

  • Fully web-based allowing centralization of imaging studies
  • Data encrypted both at rest and in-flight
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Supports full de-identification of patient data
  • Can be integrated with local PACS to enable automatic transfer of images and reports via QP-Link
  • Manages, indexes, and stores multi-omics data
  • Real-time data QC and radiological readings
  • Fully automated quantification of imaging biomarkers
  • Structured quantitative reports delivered directly to PACS
  • Customizable based on user requirements
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant





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Automated workflow

Our all-in-one solution provides data privacy, a safe and continuously available platform, and ensures safe communication back and forth between your institution and the Quibim cloud.

AI-driven medical technology for data management and processing

As value-based care models evolve, there is a greater need to provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. We design end-to-end solutions working with different healthcare partners to analyze and extract new insights from multi-modality images by linking electronic health records and patient outcomes with imaging biomarkers. The assets provided improve patient stratification and generate clinical endpoints.

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QP-Insights® is a comprehensive single-view platform that handles, indexes, stores, and processes multi-omics data with imaging at its foundation. The hybrid infrastructure has centralized and federated components and harmonizes imaging data, generating a standardized image quality that minimizes variability in image quality across equipment manufacturers.


A game-changing leap in radiology workflow automation 


Meet the bridge between your local PACS and the Quibim Cloud: QP-Link®. A solution designed to streamline, secure, and enhance your radiology workflow. 

  • Key features & applications 

    Automated workflow: QP-Link® facilitates a seamless workflow without human intervention, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Unified interface: One shared interface for all our AI products, simplifying the user experience.


    Data security: With QP-Link®, no direct patient-identifiable data leaves your site. At the clinician’s choice, it is either pseudonymized or fully anonymized. Your privacy is our utmost priority.


    Azure cloud processing: Leverage the power of Azure Cloud for processing, managed by Quibim, ensuring rapid results without the need for local computational resources.

  • How QP-Link® works

    Integration: QP-Link® securely integrates with your PACS and imaging equipment, setting the stage for automated study analysis. 


    Data processing options in QP-Link®: 

    • Pseudonymization: Exams from PACS or imaging equipment are sent to QP-Link®, where patient-identifiable data is pseudonymized using a unique encryption key.  

    • Anonymization: Ensures no patient-identifiable data is transmitted from PACS or imaging equipment to QP-Link®.  


    Cloud processing: The de-identified data, either anonymized or pseudonymized based on the clinician’s choice, is then sent to Quibim’s Azure Cloud for advanced analysis.  


    Result retrieval: Once the analysis is complete, QP-Link® retrieves the results, re-identifies the new series (only when it has been pseudonymized) , and stores them back to your PACS.  


    Secure transmission: All data transfers to and from Quibim’s Azure Cloud use DICOM Web tools over a secure HTTPS connection (TLS 1.2).  


    Full automation: By creating a push rule in your PACS, the entire process can be automated, saving time and reducing manual errors.  

  • Why QP-Link®? 

    • Scientific rigor: Our solution is backed by rigorous scientific research and development, ensuring you get the best in class.  

    • Data-driven: We believe in a rational and data-driven approach, ensuring that your decisions are based on accurate and reliable information.  

    • Seamless integration: QP-Link® is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.  

Bridging the gap between radiology and advanced cloud analysis

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