Quibim launches a platform to deploy imaging-based algorithms to accelerate drug development programs

  • QP-Insights is an all-in-one web platform that manages, stores, and quantitatively analyzes medical images and other clinical data.
  • Platform already used by leading bio-pharmaceutical companies and European research consortiums.

8 February 2024, Valencia/Cambridge/New York – Quibim, a global company pioneering imaging biomarkers for precision medicine, is today announcing the launch of a new product, QP-Insights, which enables researchers to leverage clinical imaging data throughout drug development programs.

QP-Insights was designed alongside researchers to provide a comprehensive platform for medical images and other multi-omics (e.g. clinical and genetic) data to be stored, accessed, and analyzed. With the growing importance of real-world data (RWD) to inform drug development efforts, a robust platform to extract insights from RWD is critical to unlocking this potential.

Researchers will also have access to Quibim’s data processing tools (e.g. for image harmonization, annotation). This is the foundation on which AI-based tools can be built to accelerate the development of precision medicines. It is being rolled out globally and has been carefully designed to comply with all relevant international data privacy and cybersecurity regulations and standards such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) , GDPR and GAMP, the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice.

In addition to being an all-in-one data processing and management solution, QP-Insights will be the platform on which imaging-based biomarker algorithms can be deployed to help researchers stratify and identify individuals most likely to benefit or experience side-effects from investigational medicines earlier.

The platform is already tried and trusted by leading bio-pharmaceutical companies, and it is the backbone for nine EU-wide research consortiums, including the European Federation for Cancer Images (EUCAIM) tasked with helping meet the targets set out in its Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. Quibim has also announced several high-profile partnerships in recent months, including Merck KGaA to develop imaging biomarkers models used to predict cancer patient response to immunotherapy and inform decisions in its global drug development efforts.

Angel Alberich-Bayarri, Co-founder and CEO of Quibim, comments on the launch: “As a company looking to speed up the early detection of cancer and other diseases, we are acutely aware of the important role that our research, healthcare and pharmaceutical partners play in ensuring the technology actually gets used to treat real-life patients. What is so exciting to us about QP-Insights is that it marks a milestone in how we’re able to use already existing clinical data sources from the healthcare sector to further develop our products with predictive functionality, as well as in the ease with which pharmaceutical researchers can use the technology itself in research going forward.

About Quibim

Quibim is a company designing pioneering tools that unlock imaging data to improve patient outcomes. With offices in New York (United States), Cambridge (UK), Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona (Spain), the company was born from the ambition of turning imaging into a catalyst for precision health. Quibim leads the forefront of imaging biomarkers research in life sciences, pioneering the development of advanced algorithms that transform imaging data into actionable predictions in oncology, immunology and neurology. The company leverages the capabilities of MRI, CT, and PET imaging to create regulatory-cleared Medical Devices that are seamlessly integrated into the workflows of healthcare providers worldwide. More than 150+ sites are using Quibim products globally.


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