Introducing Dr. Glen Weiss, our new Chief Medical Officer: a forward-thinking leader

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Glen Weise CMO


We are pleased to welcome our new Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Glen J. Weiss, MD, MBA. With an impressive background in clinical investigation, translational research, and medical oncology, Glen brings a remarkable breadth of expertise to our team. His experience encompasses over 100 phase 1-3 oncology studies and numerous biomarker/translational research studies.



Connecting clinical practice with Biotech innovations

Dr. Weiss began his academic journey at Rutgers University before continuing his medical studies at Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in Israel, where he first cultivated his clinical interests. Following his training, he joined Scottsdale Healthcare in Arizona as a phase 1 clinical trial investigator and co-led the Lung Cancer Unit at TGen. His extensive experience includes a decade in leadership roles across community, academic, and research institutions and faculty positions, including Harvard Medical School and, most recently UMass Chan Medical School. Most recently, he held the position of Vice President of Clinical Sciences and medical lead for a company specializing in the development of CAR-T therapies.

Beyond his clinical work, he has worked as an advisor for biotech companies, focusing on drug development strategy and clinical trial medical monitoring for solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

Dr. Weiss maintains a solid commitment to translational research, working alongside investigators from numerous institutions worldwide. Outside academia, Glen enjoys competitive running, snowboarding, and dedicating time to his family, which he considers his most outstanding achievement.

As a CMO, Glen will lead Quibim’s medical division and provide strategic guidance on personalized medicine, scientific development of our platforms, and clinical applications. He will also work on increasing company awareness and offering input into clinical strategy and positioning for Discovery and Care solutions. 

Dr. Weiss’s vision for Quibim and the future of medical imaging

His passion for the sector originates from the tremendous opportunity to transform imaging from a diagnostic and primary treatment efficacy assessment tool into a dynamic theranostic for clinical drug development.

Addressing the future of medical imaging, Dr. Weiss conveys his conviction in the potential to harmonize medical solutions, especially in imaging, to enhance real-world evidence interpretation and clinical trial reporting. He proposes that incorporating tools into imaging software or data extraction analytics could assist in identifying lesions of interest and ensuring consistent readings. Dr. Weiss shares his thoughts on innovative tools, stating, “If there are tools that enable lesion highlighting and provide not only traditional two-dimensional measurements but also volumetric data, it is likely more accurate in the long run. This could make a difference for some patients in determining the effectiveness of their therapy.”

He also envisions a future where “We hopefully will be able to use imaging to identify specific populations with certain mutations or genomic alterations without necessarily relying on tissue or sequential sampling.”

Dr. Weiss envisions Quibim as the “go-to” provider and category leader in predictive imaging biomarkers, novel diagnostics, and IP development for personalized medicine imaging solutions. He states, “Quibim has the potential to enhance clinical trial design and execution, streamline drug development optimization, and offer improved tools for managing large volumes of imaging data while creating new predictive imaging biomarker panels for patients, providers, and companies.” By realizing this vision, Quibim can make a treasured contribution to society and the healthcare industry.

With Glen’s integration and the establishment of a new medical division, Quibim is primed for considerable growth in research exploration, collaboration, and business development.

We are honored to have Dr. Weiss as our CMO, marking a pivotal moment for Quibim. We eagerly anticipate the invaluable contributions he will make to Quibim’s growth and success!

Please join us in warmly welcoming Glen as our new Chief Medical Officer.