• What role does medical imaging play in patient care?

    Medical imaging is integral at every step of the patient journey. It’s a non-invasive, standard-of-care procedure used globally in various scenarios. Through advanced techniques like radiomics, we can extract numerous features from these images to customize therapeutic strategies, anticipate symptoms, and even predict patient responses to specific treatments.


  • How does Quibim utilize medical imaging for precision medicine?

    We leverage non-invasively acquired medical images to generate predictive models. We extract quantitative data at different stages of the patient journey, enabling physicians to track disease progression and evolution. Combining deep learning with vast data creates valuable insights in easy-to-read reports.

  • What is the significance of AI and data integration in healthcare?

    Our AI technology involves deep machine learning and advanced computational statistics to unlock crucial information from large datasets. By integrating imaging biomarker panels, we provide clinicians with clear, meaningful summaries based on medical imaging parameters. This assists diagnosis and treatment decisions and is pivotal in clinical trials by linking patient outcomes and medical images stored in different systems.

  • How do Quibim’s partnerships enhance clinical outcomes?

    Through our models, we can identify patients more likely to respond successfully to treatments, potentially revisiting drugs in the approval process. We make informed assessments about disease progression and treatment efficacy by combining current and historical data. Our partnership enhances diagnostic and prognostic capabilities, supports patient stratification, and aids in identifying eligible patients for treatment options, expediting drug approval processes and reducing costs.

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