Quibim Precision

CE-marked whole-body imaging ecosystem. It is our first-generation CE-marked platform that will not be updated and will disappear by the end of 2023 (legacy device under MDD). QP-Insights® is our new generation platform that will replace the legacy Quibim Precision system.

Predictive information and actionable insights

Quibim Precision® is an ecosystem that provides a seamless solution for AI in radiology, with complete integration into the clinical routine to get all results before reporting, since the analysis works behind the scenes. The platform integrates AI algorithms into the radiology department workflow with no user interaction, making it an efficient system that provides a complete radiology solution covering AI and quantitative needs. Quibim helps healthcare providers stay ahead of increasing amounts of data needed for patient care by delivering a new quantitative approach and operational capabilities that enhance patient care, seamless integration of all data sources, and structured quantitative radiology reporting.

Quibim Precision® Ecosystem integrates a web-based zero-footprint DICOM viewer allowing users to load, display and annotate DICOM files. In addition, the annotation tool provides a complete diagnostic aid, allowing the user to annotate findings symbols and regions of interest (ROI), in addition to organ segmentation with accurate and easy-to-handle tools.

The Quibim DataMiner tool is designed for statistical data analysis about clinical problems and groups of interest for research and scientific exploitation. The Radiomics tool helps you go one step further in your research, as this method reveals information embedded within conventional scans, increasing the accuracy of the diagnosis, prognostic evaluation, and prediction of the therapeutic response.

*Not available for commercialization in the US.

The workflow

  1. Importing our seamless integration with your PACS allows the ecosystem to automatically find and retrieve the studies in minutes and anonymize the patient’s data.
  2. The ecosystem is dedicated to the management and post-processing of medical imaging exams acquired from most imaging devices and modalities (X-Ray, US, CT, MRI, PET, PET/CT, PET/MRI).
  3. AI quantitative algorithms allow the ecosystem to quantify imaging biomarkers for hospitals, radiology centers, and biopharmaceutical companies across the whole-body: the central nervous, respiratory, reproductive, and gastro-Intestinal systems.
  4. Report the solution quickly integrates structured and quantitative report templates elevating radiology practice to the next level. Quibim provides a quantitative report whenever an imaging biomarker analysis is finished. The reports, one page in size, have been carefully designed with clinical specialists and consist of all significant results of the imaging biomarker analysis, including the most relevant findings and normality values.

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