The Quibim family has the enormous pleasure of welcoming Professor Regina Beets-Tan as our new medical advisor

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Regina Beets-Tan


Regina is a passionate radiology leader and a renowned expert in oncologic and abdominal imaging. She is the current Chair of the Board of Directors of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and chairs the department of Radiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

As a leading researcher, she has focused on cancer imaging, emphasizing the validation of multi-parametric and AI imaging technology as a guidance to a better treatment outcome and as a biomarker for treatment efficiency in cancer.

She brings her wealth of experience and knowledge in imaging applications for cancer and is a perfect counterpart for our strategy of imaging biomarker panels. Regina also holds invaluable expertise in strategic bodies of several clinical societies, making her a clear and loud voice to understand and guide the role of Imaging in the future.

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Building bridges 

Even though she was always confident about the future of AI and noninvasive tools for early detection, she has yet to contribute as an advisor to any other industry partner. Her central mission is to build a bridge into the future, connecting radiologists with other medical professionals, scientists, industry partners and patients.

In her own words, “Multidisciplinary approach both inside and outside of radiology is essential for the future of good patient care, and collaboration with other medical disciplines is more important than ever”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Teamwork and close cooperation will lead us to a better understanding of the disease and work synergistically to benefit the patient.

The other side of the bridge: patient´s care

Noninvasive imaging tools for early tumor detection will lead us to choose an enriched treatment plan.

But imaging is not just a visualization tool. It could also be a great data source. And AI would help us extract as much information as possible from those images, not just for identification but also to picture tumors’ behavior.

Regina is an unquestionable leader in cancer imaging with the proficiency to offer her foresight on innovative clinical applications, always with patients in the first line. With her expert advice, we have the great opportunity to build a promising future into actionable predictions.

The road ahead together is thrilling!