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Our ecosystem is driven by humans and fueled by AI to help you analyze every body part

An easy workflow for everyday use

Radiologists face increasing workloads, with massive volumes of images to be read every day.
The Quibim Precision® ecosystem alleviates this burden by speeding up the
to help radiologists focus on their patients.


Quibim Precision® integrates seamlessly into your work environment.
Our solution can be embedded in PACS/ RIS systems to become part of your daily practice without changing your workflow. Radiologists can fully automate post- processing tasks and prioritize their worklist to facilitate patient care.


From image acquisition all the way to interpretation, Quibim Precision® provides radiologists with fully automated analysis to pull and filter the data and extract relevant information.


With Quibim Precision®, you are in command of AI.
Our ecosystem enables humans to harness and control the power of AI to work more efficiently. Users can edit and re launch analyses whenever necessary to better contribute to diagnosis.

Deeper understanding of the body

Using AI, Quibim Precision® provides in-depth knowledge of the entire body.
Whether you work in the abdomen, chest, brain or foot, our solution can help you filter images to extract quantitative data in a human, understandable way.

One ecosystem.

An array of suites.

The human body is a language. While some technologies and AI solutions can only speak
brain, foot, or liver, we speak the whole body. And with our ecosystem of specialized suites for every body part,
we make it easy for your entire organization to speak it too.

the human body
like never before

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