QUIBIM advisory board is led by Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí, co-founder of QUIBIM and a Key Opinion Leader in radiology. This board provides a clear link with clinical needs and endpoints, a key aspect of our company.

The board is formed by international leaders in the fields of medical imaging, pre-clinical research, clinical trials and genetics, who provide a strong basis for the strategy and development required for business growth and success.

Luis Martí-Bonmati, MD, PhD


Head of the Clinical Area of Medical Imaging at La Fe Polytechnics & University Hospital, Valencia, Spain

Member of the Spanish National Royal Academy of Medicine

Celso Matos, MD, PhD

Head of Clinical and Experimental Imaging at Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal

President of ESGAR

Pablo Ros, MD, PhD

Head of the Radiology Derpatment at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA

Member of the Medical Imaging Advisory Committee of the FDA agency

Jose M. García-Verdugo

Profesor of Cell Biology at the University of Valencia, Spain

PI of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology at the Neurobiology Unit.

Andrea Laghi, MD, PhD

Director of the “Advanced Diagnostic Imaging” Unit at I.C.O.T. University Hospital, Latina, Italy

Jose Mª García-Santos, MD, PhD

Head of Neuroradiology at General University Hospital Morales Meseguer, Murcia, Spain

Editor of Radiología journal

José Viña, MD, PhD

Professor of Human Physiology at the University of Valencia, Spain.

Doctor Honoris Causa by two international universities

Emanuele Neri, MD, PhD

Professor of Translational Research and New Medical Technologies Department, Pisa University, Italy

President of EuSoMII

Salvador Pedraza, MD, PhD

Director of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta and Hospital Santa Caterina, Girona, Spain

Director of IDI Girona, Spain

Jose Javier Mateos, MD, PhD

Director of Medical Imaging Clinical Trials at Imagen en Ensayos Clínicos (IEC Trials), Barcelona, Spain

Nickolas Papanikolaou, PhD

Founder & CEO of N. Papanikolaou & Associates

Biomedical engineer & MR Physics expert

Manuel Pérez-Alonso, PhD

Profesor of Genetics at the University of Valencia

Co-founder of the Genomic Medicine Institute


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