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ProCanAid is a project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation MICINN that aims to develop a computational tool to create a 4D digital twin of the entire prostate of a patient. Novel AI-based magnetic resonance imaging segmentation algorithms will be applied to extract not only patient-specific prostate anatomy (transitional zone, peripheral zone, seminal vesicles, and neurovascular bundle) but also to detect PCa. The digital twin will incorporate in silico models considering the behavior of cells and tissues, to predict the effects of different types of oncological treatments not only on the tumor but also on the entire prostate, as well as to predict the efficacy of these treatments and the possible evolution of the disease. 

The project pretends to obtain an AI-based imaging biomarkers analysis platform capable of performing accurate, automated, and cost-effective quantitative analysis to help radiologists and urologists to assess PCa based on mpMRI. The tool will already count on classification methodologies to provide lesion maps and automated scoring of the severity of the lesion.

PLEC2021-007709 ProCanAid – Digital twin for assisted detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer and simulation of the effects and efficacy of different cancer treatments.

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez