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We use our technology to generate objective and quantifiable clinical data in a human way

An advanced imaging
core lab for everyday use

Clinical trials are increasingly dictated and regulated by evidence-based guidelines.
The Quibim Precision® ecosystem provides cutting-edge imaging quantification
and AI technology to ensure your results are objective and vendor-independent.


We understand a clinical trial as a whole. We cover the entire process from data management to results analysis and tailor our offer to your needs.
We provide imaging biomarkers and AI algorithms across all drug phases and therapeutic areas to take your trial to the next level.

Unique combination

We apply the latest imaging-based treatment response criteria available in the literature to the most advanced radiomic analysis tools to make your trial stand out in the field of research.
Quibim Precision® meets all your requirements to help you push the frontiers of medical investigation and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Unmatched support

Quibim Precision® adds clear, thorough and timely information to your trial while aiming for fast and cost-efficient results.
We are your medical imaging technology partner, walking you through research in a close and proactive relationship.

One ecosystem.

An array of suites.

The human body is a language. While some technologies and AI solutions can only speak
brain, foot, or liver, we speak the whole body. And with our ecosystem of specialized suites 
for every body part, we make it easy for your entire organization to speak it too.

the human body
like never before

Whether you’re in care or research, pick a slot in our calendar and a meeting will be automatically generated for a demo.