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We’re honored to present Alberto Valiente, our new Chief Legal Officer! Alberto will help Quibim negotiate all kinds of contracts and partnerships and tackle the main challenges that face medical imaging AI companies today and tomorrow: liability and data use.

Laying the foundations for the future

Alberto is probably everything you want a lawyer to be: down-to-earth, eloquent and idealistic enough to make you want to sign that contract. “I don’t’ like injustice,” he said. “I like to know how laws are being made and how they apply to common people, who need protection. That’s the way I found to have an impact on society,” he said. 

With a master’s degree in law and business administration & management from Valencia University, and an executive master’s degree in corporate law from Garrigues Law and Business School in collaboration with Harvard Law School, our new CLO oozes confidence the kind only a decade working at a major law firm brings.

His role is mainly to advise on legal and strategy matters, but also to sort out priorities. “I adapt to the company’s life and help everyone not sweat the small stuff,” he said.

For over ten years, Alberto worked for Garrigues, the highest earning law firm in the European Union, according to the Euro 100 ranking, which is published every year in The Lawyer; with over 2,000 employees worldwide.

He specialized in mergers & acquisitions and helped foreign companies invest in Spain, by advising them in every step of the inversion: from the due diligence process to the acquisition agreements. He also provided legal advice to clients in Spain and helped them design their legal strategies for international expansion.

He’s managed a wide variety of clients in industries such as real estate, agribusiness, start-ups and sports & entertainment. A perfectionist, he even obtained a master’s degree in law and sports management from ISDE Law Business School in 2015.

That same year, a new client caught his attention. He had recently been promoted to senior lawyer when he was assigned a small but alluring Valencian start-up company, who needed advice on data protection.

When I met Quibim Co-founder and CEO Angel Alberich-Bayarri, I found he showed real business integrity,” he recalls. “I was immediately drawn to the project, not just because of its impact on human health but also the way the company handles business.” 

An irresistible call

As Alberto and his team at Garrigues assisted Quibim on the day-to-day business and the successive investment rounds, Alberto got increasingly curious and admirative. In 2020 Quibim closed €8M in new financing in a seed funding round, giving a major quality leap. That was the last reason Alberto needed to stray from the meticulously planned career path laid for him at Garrigues and join the adventure.  

I felt I could help shape Quibim for the years to come. I knew this was the moment we’d be making the decisions that would determine the next decade and I wanted to be a part of it. I didn’t want to just sit and watch any longer,” he said.

As he now “lays down the foundations for the future”, Alberto, together with the Regulatory Team at Quibim, is helping the company navigate complex medical device regulation. The role implies tackling a number of challenges, including anticipating the legal framework to be applied to AI in the following years.

AI now falls under the medical device regulation and physicians are responsible for patient’s diagnosis. But legislators, together with the entire industry, need to work on how liability is being generated and future regulation, he explained.

We need to live with the idea that AI isn’t perfect, although it surpasses by far human abilities to process data, and that technical complexity may be beyond average reach,” he said. “AI can fail, and that’s a challenge for society. That’s why Quibim does not aim to replace physicians with its software, but to become an essential tool in their clinical routines to help them give the most accurate and precise diagnosis possible to patients.

Part of Alberto’s work also includes ensuring strict compliance with data protection legislation without interfering with the development of products that can improve human health.

We need to make sure that data protection isn’t counterproductive to citizens. In Europe, GDPR is a great advance, but to some extent it may also slow down research, by complicating or even impeding sharing of non-personal data, which is the only one we use at Quibim to train our algorithms.

By joining Quibim, Alberto hopes to advance healthcare and technology, a field he took an interest in as a child, as his dad, a former Iberdrola manager, brought computers home. “No one had those in the 1980s. I immediately fell in love.

Our young gun even studied telecommunications engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2002 before he chose law.

He has now found his new home at Quibim.

Quibim founders are visionaries, we have very advanced technology and a very strong R&D team. We’re a very powerful support for clinicians, and I’m really glad to be a small part of it,” he said.

We hope he decides to stay forever to help us grow and have a bigger impact!

Melisande Rouger