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We’re very pleased to announce that Matthew Good has joined our team as our new Chief Financial Officer.

Matthew has worked in technology for nearly two decades. Prior to joining us, he served as head of finance and HR at EFTMatic, a pan-European fintech start-up in wealth management. In just two years, he and his team managed to scale the business of the company three-fold.

Matthew has a background in regulatory and public policy and he has used these skills at multinational company Telefónica, one of the largest telephone operators and mobile networks providers in the world. Matthew started working for the group in 2003 in Brussels, then London and Madrid. Between 2010 and 2017, he served as strategic planning and investment analysis manager, following his fascination for numbers.

Numbers make business reality very tangible,” he said. “They’re a very objective way of taking decisions and give you the levers to do so.”

Born in London to Irish and Spanish parents, Matthew was raised in Madrid, where he is now home-based. He holds an Executive MBA from IE Business School, a B.A. in economic and social sciences from the University of Manchester and an MSc. in European policy making from the London School of Economics. He is also a certified advisor by CFA Society Spain, which promotes ethics, education and professional excellence in the global investment industry, and teaches business and management in MBA courses at the European University of Madrid.

As someone who enjoys working in fast-paced and innovative environments, Matthew is delighted to join Quibim, which he believes is headed for success.

Recent events have underscored the enormous potential of the biotech industry to produce tangible improvements and cost efficient solutions for patients and other stakeholders through digitalization,” he said. “Building on the remarkable work and achievements of the team to date, I am very excited at the prospect of now scaling and expanding Quibim internationally, accelerating its drive to consolidate itself as a global radiology company.” 

Matthew believes sustainable and impact investing can make a positive impact society, and this interest motivated him to join Quibim.

Sustainable investment is about having a specific, measurable positive impact on society. That’s very much in line with Quibim’s mission to help radiologists and clinicians deliver much better services,” he said. “Quibim has a great position in biotech and a winning purpose.

Matthew is also passionate about music. Not only is he married to a classical pianist but he also shares the name of a famous Canadian songwriter who was the lead singer for the Matthew Good Band. “I’m terrible at playing instruments though,” he confessed. “I’m better at sitting and watching, just like football!

Sitting or standing, we’re happy to have you onboard Matthew! We wish you a long and successful journey with us!

Melisande Rouger