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QUIBIM is proud to announce a new office in Madrid! This will enable us to better serve our national and international customers.

After the opening of a new office in the United States last year (Palo Alto, California), QUIBIM is continuing to grow and therefore the new office in the Spanish capital is an important milestone for QUIBIM. The office is located in Calle Alfonso XII, 62, next to the Atocha Train station of Madrid, and gives direct access to high-speed trains to Barcelona or Valencia. The office is present in the Spaces Atocha building, one of the Top Coworking Spaces in Madrid, which is within a 15 minute walk from various museums and gives a great atmosphere of innovation and technology just like the world’s great technology hubs like Berlin or Tel Aviv!

Irene Mayorga, Clinical Trial Manager at QUIBIM, is the first permanent worker at the new office and It will grow as QUIBIM continues to expand.

QUIBIM trials department aims to help sponsors, CROs and investigators with radiological imaging in clinical trials and research projects. In this department we manage multi-site clinical trials in which we are involved as imaging vendor, providing services like:

  • Imaging charter creation and related documentation.
  • Image acquisition protocol design and consultancy.
  • QUIBIM Precision® platform configuration and setting up, allowing the centralization of medical imaging from different sites thanks to its web-based technology. The platform complies with CFR 21 part 11 from FDA and with the European data protection laws.
  • Training to imaging sites: protocol acquisition and image transmission through QUIBIM Precision® platform.
  • Site survey and site registration in the platform.
  • Validation of imaging sites using phantoms, to ensure that the data extracted from images acquired in different scanners are analogous therefore the conclusions extracted will be reliable.
  • Central radiological reading and imaging biomarkers quantification to reduce the inter-radiologist biases. This centralized approach is recommended by FDA in its 2018 guidance for “Clinical Trial Imaging Endpoints Process Standards”.
  • Sites follow-up and queries management.
  • Project management: meetings with sponsors, CRO or sites to ensure the correct execution of the trial.
  • Advanced statistical analysis on imaging biomarkers.

Feel free to visit us next time you are in Madrid!

Irene Mayorga Ruiz