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In this episode of Quibim Blog, CEO and founder Ángel Alberich-Bayarri sits down with Dan Sfera and discusses the differences between quantitative and qualitative imaging analysis when it comes to clinical research.  Some of the more common therapeutic indications that involve image analysis include: oncology, central nervous system disorder, and respiratory illnesses.  Ángel made a great analogy in this interview of artificial intelligence, the algorithms that power Quibim’s quantitative imaging capabilities, being similar to GPS when it comes to assisting drivers in navigating during their commutes.  Algorithms in imaging analysis are similar in the sense that they are tools to assist the imaging analysis readers (radiologists) in making quantitative diagnosis’ rather that the current industry standard of qualitative assessments.  That seems to be the key benefit of Quibim’s value proposition: taking a subjective diagnosis and adding a quantitative component to it in order to allow the clinicians to make better informed decisions.

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez