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Many of our Quibimers will be in Vienna in the upcoming days for the annual meeting of the European Congress of Radiology. Thanks to the European Commission SME Instrument Phase II, we will be showing our exciting developments on AI algorithms and new features on QUIBIM Precision®.

We will be showcasing all these new features on two stands at ECR 2018, one located at the Expo Gallery (Booth #4) and the other located at the new AI Future Lab Space – Hall X3 (Booth #AI-1). Check QUIBIM Precision® for fully-automated medical image processing and imaging biomarker analysis.

Furthermore, we have published the QUIBIM validation methodology and technical datasheetswhich depict the precisionaccuracy and clinical value of our imaging biomarkers.

Want to use our platform? Book your DEMO time:

You can also join the QUIBIM team at the AI Future Lab Theatre with this 3 presentations:

  • QUIBIM Precision v2.3 and the Integration of plugins powered by AI 
    Dr. Angel Alberich Bayarri (CEO) – Thursday, March 1 (14:30–15:15)
  • QUIBIM AI engine for automated classification and segmentation
    Rafael López González – Friday, March 2 (11:30–12:15)
  • Automated image analysis workflows powered by AI with PACS integration
    Alejandro Mañas García, Fabio García Castro and Dr. Angel Alberich Bayarri (CEO) – Saturday, March 3 (16:30–17:15)

Our scientific experts will be presenting the following topics:

Let’s meet at ECR 2018!

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez