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Quibim founder Ángel Alberich-Bayarri and Dan Sfera discuss Quibim’s origins, and the entrepreneurial spirit which is necessary to have a successful startup company in the Life Sciences industry. Dan and Ángel also discuss the emergence of artificial intelligence in the clinical research space as well as how algorithms can help identify therapeutic effect of a particular treatment on a medical condition. The interview segways into the Precision Medicine Congress Conference just held in San Fransisco in January of 2018, an event which Ángel and Quibim were well received at due to their innovative technology and strong leadership team. Finally, the interview discusses the emergence of sophisticated and technologically capable vendors, such as Quibim itself, and how their emergence is allowing Sponsors to bring more of their research initiatives in house. It will certainly be an interesting clinical research landscape to keep an eye on this year and Quibim Blog will continue producing these interviews for you!

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez