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Dan Sfera had the opportunity to interview Quibim founder, Ángel Alberich-Bayarri live on location in San Francisco, CA for the 2018 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.  Not only was Quibim proud to showcase some of it’s imaging and algorithmic capabilities and technologies, but we were also able to network and collaborate with other vendors from within the life sciences industry in order to bring better clinical research solutions to our customers and patients!  For anyone not able to attend the conference in person, we hope that by watching this video we could give you a glimpse into some of the trending topics that is of interest to the greater pharmaceutical and medical device industries.  The two most popular topics that kept popping up at this year’s conference: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. We hope to provide another recap after Quibim showcases at yet another industry conference also in San Francisco later this month. Stay tuned!

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez