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We were able to site down with Quibim’s Chief of Research and Development, Fabio García.  Fabio is a software engineer by education who happened to have a passion for medicine, and has joined Quibim to help develop new products as they relate to identifying and analyzing imaging biomarkers.

In this interview we discussed the differences between blood and imaging biomarkers, the advantages and disadvantages of both, and the benefits of both working together simultaneously to provide optimal diagnosis in a clinical or research setting.

A biomarker is a way of identifying a biological process in the body that you can measure and quantify.  There are currently two ways of identifying and analyzing biomarkers: blood and imaging.

Fabio is excited in regards to what the future holds for imaging biomarkers in clinical trials, and as the technology becomes more cost effective, he believes the industry will continue further adoption of this novel diagnostic technique.

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez