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Quibim’s Chief Technology Officer, Rafael Hernández, sits down to explain how he got started with Quibim, the importance of biomarkers in clinical research, and some of the technology behind Quibim’s service offerings.

The key takeaway for me was the differentiation between the algorithms used to analyze the biomarker images, and the customizable software utilized to interface with the images.

Another point of interest is the storing capabilities of the images on a HIPAA compliant cloud server, or, on an equally secure local server at the location of the particular client, for example, a local hospital.

Finally, patient-centricity is at the root of these innovations. Quibim’s technology allows for encrypted and completely de-identified biomarker images that allow the Sponsors to analyze results without compromising the privacy of the individual patients. Furthermore, by pioneering breakthrough diagnostic services, Quibim is contributing directly to medical advances and breakthroughs that we can all benefit from in the near future!

Katherine Wilisch Ramírez